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Reviews & Testimonials

In addition to the many testimonials we have shared below, you can also find some reviews of our products in various online and print publications:

This is a great tent.

testimonials-brianThis is a great tent.  I like how much room is in it for me.  I can fit me and all my stuff including my pack, which is good since I have been in the rain.  No leaks and I can set it up really fast.  Had a few jealous comments from some hikers....especially when I tell them the weight.
- Thanks, Brian

The first to Thru Hike with the Solo

Amazing! Roomy and it can take the weather. I first saw this in Franklin and bought one after a few minutes of looking at it. Good Choice! This tent weighs well under two pounds! and is rock solid. Hand Made in Asheville, NC.
- Ramble~On AT - 2009  Trail Journal

Sweet tent!

Sweet tent! I cussed it at first because I did not have it seam-sealed properly and was not setting it up properly. After I got the kinks worked out I am in love with it. It's probably the ONLY hunter orange colored tent on the trail. 
- Charlie D “Sparkey” AT -2010 Trail Journal

The tent is amazing

The tent is amazing, after setting it up correctly it was sooo roomy, and incredibly stable and sound. Thank you so much i was really worried i wasn't going to find a tent that would be comfortable and yours passes every expectation. and at only 26 ounces that's amazing. looks like I've got my new home for the next five or six months.  Thanks again. 
- David

The roominess is unlike any other solo tent

testimonials-sharonI used my LightHeart solo tent for backpacking in Isle Royale National Park - probably the first bright fuchsia tent ever in that remote location!  The roominess is unlike any other solo tent I have looked at. I kept my pack inside my tent and had plenty of space to sit up, change clothes and snuggle up at night, and everything stayed dry through rainy nights.  It is the only backpacking tent for me now.  Thanks!  
- Sharon “Smoky Scout”  Blog 

Keeps all my gear dry

testimonials-gonzoJudy, Congrats my LightHeart Gear Solo tent made it through the Whites! I am still yet to have any problems with my tent. I am hiking with two others whom also have tarp tents from other companies and they have had problems with set up and water and rain. The double wall feature from LightHeart Gear keeps all my gear dry. I also have video footage where I set up my tent and it rained real bad and I ended up in a puddle of water all under my tent and everything inside my tent was dry! Thank you again so much and look forward to sharing more information, pictures, and videos of your tent after I complete my thru hike.   Thanks again. 
- Gonzo AT 2010 Trail Journal

The tent held up great in the wind.

I slept in this tent over 25 nights in 2010. Will give a short review below:
Hot Weather: With the fly rolled up at the top, the breeze was a blessed gift. Spent on night above Hell's Canyon in Idaho, on the edge of the seven devils, with the best tent view I have ever experienced. So much mesh, I sat there and looked from Idaho , into Oregon and watched the sun go down.

Wet Weather. Got stuck in the rain about six nights and a few afternoons, mostly in the Sawtooth mountains. Two nights were at 8,000 ft with no tree cover. 35 mile per hour wind and driving rain, and stayed bone dry. The double wall tent does it's job and the room in there for a one person tent is awesome. So much head and foot room, and that is with my Deuter 65+10 pack next to me. I sleep on my side and toss and turn, no lack of room and no wet spots. The tent held up great in the wind.

Carrying the tent is great too. Small and light, it goes in my mesh side pocket on my pack, and forget it is there. No tent poles to mess with, and the fabric is plenty durable. Judy made me custom colors, forest green with a tan floor.
- TrailAngel Bronco

Best shelter that I have ever owned

This is the very best shelter that I have ever owned, and I have used tarps as well as brand name tents. If you use hiking poles, get this tent and don't look back.
- Rob Bayless. Meridian, Idaho.

LightHeart Solo


Just field tested the Solo, and was very happy with ease of set-up. The site video appears harder then it is, IMHO. The practicality of having an integrated fly and tent is awesome, as those who are used to a separate fly and tent will discover (I did!). I previously owned the BA Copper Spur UL 1 & 2, and the weight savings over both is substantial, as well as ease of set up. Plus, no poles other then your trekking poles to use! That security means a lot, having had one pole break at the hub on a previous tent. I purchased the carbon poles from LightHeart, as I don't use trekking poles. The roominess of this tent is superior to my NEMO Hornet UL 2, which was surprising as that's a 2 person tent! Very pleased!

LightHeart Solo


Hello. Bought one of your tents a few months ago (Spring 2014). It held up during epic hailstorms and thunderstorms that hit the JMT the last two weeks, and was 100% waterproof (I let you seam seal it). A lot of folks had to bail -- the storms were truly epic even for the Sierra in summer -- but I was snug as a bug. Thanks for great gear!

LightHeart SoLong 6

Keane Bean13.07.2017

Great tent. I was able to fit 2 people in this tent for a 40 mile section along the AT. I'm 5'10", 190 lbs and my cousin is 5'6" 150 lbs. We both fit very well with no crowding or overlap. Gear stayed dry stored in the vestibule. Rained 3 out of the 4 nights, not a drop inside. No condensation on the 80 degree nights. Easy set up and quick to dry and break down. Highly recommend this tent. Perfect for hiking and light packing!

SoLong 6 tent


Hi Folks!!! Just a quick note about my Solong 6..... This is my fourth (yes, fourth) season with this gem of a shelter! First there was the thru hike (well, almost - my knee blew up in New York), but the Solong stayed the course! Secondly, after recovery, I began cycling - tok it to Florida for a 1000-mile tour, great shelter and perfect companion there (plus some various short hikes).. Last year, this Solong went with me to the North CArolina Mountains-To-Coast ride -- a gruelling, long, 400-ile-plus bike marathon across NC from the TN line to Atlantic Beach - and still, the Solong performed magically! Then, there was that Bike-thruhike of Uwharrie Forest, when I finally broke down and bought the 'packable poles' for the tent. Again, perfect pitch and great shelter.... although this tie, a small cinder manager to punch a pinhole into the tent - EASILY fixed with a dollop of silicon sealant! And jus this week, as a kickoff to the '17 season, a great 3-day bike trip into the interior of NC,camping and riding many miles. Perfect again! I cannot tell you enough good about this thing! lightweight at 19 oz, packable into bike panniers, and the pole accessory is the BOSS!!! Keep up the great work, and show this to anyone who is 'on the fence about this unique and ingenius design! Cheers! Will send a pic to accompany. Thx and Cheers!

LightHeart Solong 6 -


I love this thing. I spent a week of constant pouring rain and moderate winds, and was completely dry. The ground was a complete puddle, but nothing soaked thru the bottom. My one criticism is the stakes that can be purchased with the tent. They don't provide enough grab to keep everything together in wet ground. I ended up purchasing some that had a three-prong shape that worked much better. I would suggest using something like that instead.

Just received my SoLong 6


Just received my Solong 6 in the mail today. Within 10 minutes of laying everything out for the first time I had it set up and ready to camp. I am really excited to get this thing out on the AT in 3 weeks! 

Thank you to Judy and everyone else at LightHeart Gear!

SoLong 6 tent


I love this tent. It helped me through my hike of the AT in 2015. Now, with very minimal repair (just a zipper and reseal), I hope that it will help my through a trek of the PCT this year. I am a 5' 7" female, but I really enjoyed the extra space. I was able to bring my pack and everything else in with me and have some space to lay things to dry. Also, it afforded me some much-appreciated privacy when camping with others. It kept me as dry as I could hope during multiple days of rain and cool during super hot summer nights. I would highly recommend this tent to anyone searching for a durable, lightweight, and spacious option.

Fantastic tent - SoLong 6


Dear Judy, The SoLong 6 is a fantastic product. I am 52 years old and I researched and prepared for two years to commence hiking the PCT, and decided upon the SoLong 6 as my shelter. The three other members of my party decided on bivy sacks. Earlier this week we reached Section L which is the northern most section of the trail which terminates in Manning Park, Canada. The temperature was cool and in the low 50’s. By about 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, we summtited Cutthroat Pass and with clouds overhead, the wind kicking up, and the temperature dropping we decided to find a camp within the next mile. We found a nice spot as the snow flurries started. The weather had predicted a low of 32, and a 10% chance of precipitation. Although I am a strong believer in “leave-no-trace” camping, the conditions merited a fire. By the time we finished eating, the wind was a sustained 10 – 15 mph and it was fluctuating between clear and heavy flurries. We retired to our shelters. I tucked my backpack and boots up under the awning and crawled into the tent. Although my bag is only rated to 30 degrees, I was quite comfortable with little wind getting through and/or under the fly and awning. Sleep came quickly. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I awoke to the sound of light snow blowing against the tent. I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I awoke, it was light. I looked out from under the awning to see a ½-inch of snow on the ground and light snow continuing to fall. I noticed some sagging in the roof and some moisture on the inside of the roof – but only a hand-full of drops had made it into the tent by my feet. When I got out, I could see the sagging was caused by the accumulation of snow on the roof. Of course, silnylon stretches when it gets wet – but I had been too busy sleeping to prevent the dripping by resetting the poles and stakes, so the fact there was moisture inside was no surprise, and the fact that there was so little is a testament to how great your product is! I made my way over to where my colleagues were camped but they were not in their bivy sacks, so I went over to where we has set up the fire which was up against some large boulders. There they were huddled around the fire. They were miserable. None of them slept well, and one was in a little bit of trouble. His bivy sack was supposed to have sealed at the factory but had not been, and he made the serious mistake of not testing it before we left. His down sleeping bag has soaked through and his clothes on one side were wet. It was still snowing on and off. The temperature was in the low-to-mid 20’s, and with the wind chill, I figured that it was in the mid-teens. We concluded it was not safe for him to continue, since the weather had predicted precipitation for the next day, and we could not guarantee that he would be able to dry things out. I thought very seriously about continuing on alone because I was completely confident in my gear – particularly my SoLong 6. But in the end – we followed the rule of staying together. Before I broke down the tent to pack, I gave it a couple of “twangs” which knocked the snow off and most of the water drops. Then, I shook it a half-dozen times and most of the rest of the water came off. Indeed, I was amazed that after rolling it up and putting it back in the stuff-sack, it felt like it weighed only a little more than usual which I though was incredible since it maintained its ultralight quality – even after snow and rain! We managed to hike down and hitch a ride into Mazama, where we called the person who was supposed to pick us up in Canada to come get us. I predict that in the very near future you will be getting orders from two of my colleagues for two SoLong 6’s. My other colleague is former Special Forces and will never give up his bivy – even if he knows the SoLong 6 is 10x better! I never write comments or reviews. But this product is very, very special. Don’t hesitate to buy this product! It exceeded my expectations and kept me safe in conditions beyond its purpose. Truly awesome.

The Solong 6 is something special.


Hey Judy,

I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but the Solong 6 is something special. I've taken my Solong 6 on a handful of trips now, and I have to say, I've never owned such a nice tent. I'm a big guy - 6'6" and a bit over 300 lbs. As you can imagine, it's hard to find a backpacking tent that fits me well, which is actually how I found the Solong 6. The 'vaulting' at the corners, raising the roof by a few inches, really opens up the tent and keeps you from feeling claustrophobic when lying down. The width at the middle of the tent is perfect for sitting up and stretching out a bit, and gives a good bit of floor space for anything you want to take into the tent with you. I take my 65lb black lab with me backpacking, and he's totally happy to tuck down by my feet, so he doesn't get in the way at all. I think you have found the perfect balance between weight, materials, and size!

A recent trip went a little haywire, and that's when the Solong 6 really shined. I was night-hiking with my dog and girlfriend over some steep ridgelines in Big Sir, California, and after reaching an approved camp site for the night, I began building camp. Completely exhausted, I stumbled on a root and fell directly ontop of the tent! I thought the carbon fiber awning pole would have snapped, or maybe one of the interior poles would be damaged, but the poles all fell flat immediately, and myself and the tent were unharmed! After recuperating and getting the tent up, we discovered that the site had absolutely no trees for my partners hammock system. Drats! With me and the large dog in the Solong 6, she thought she would be camping on the ground. Instead, I invited her to sleep with me in the tent! She crawled in and got comfortable, and I crawled in after her. The dog never moved an inch, he was tuckered out. To my surprise, we fit! We both enjoyed a dry and bug free night of sleep, and intend on using the Solong 6 for all three of us in the future! I swear, this tent is a near-miracle.

The only modification I made was wrapping a single layer of Vetrap (self-adherent bandage tape) around the interior PVC ridge pole connector. The wrap makes the PVC grip the tent fabric. This made setup a lot easier, and makes the velcro tabs almost unnecessary (but good insurance once the tent is taught). You might consider pre-wrapping the PVC - or offering it as a tip to buyers.

I have had my solong 6 for four years

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.31.03.2016

Great Light weight tent. I have had my solong 6 for four years and love it still. lots of room since I hike solo and want room inside my tent for all my gear, no problem there. I have used in multiple times on the AT, taken on the JMT and the Benton Mackay Trail. It has performed very well. I couldn't be happier with my SoLong 6.

then along came the Solong 6 and stole my heart!


At 6'7 I thought I would be stuck with a tarp and bivy for life... then along came the Solong 6 and stole my heart! I've spent literally hundreds on different shelter setups before finding this gem. It provides the views and ventilation of a tarp with netting to keep the bugs out and a bathtub floor that cannot be compromised by sliding sleeping pads. If you ask them to seam-seal the tent they even add silicone to the floor to prevent such sliding, very thoughtful! As light and pack-able as any other tarptent on the market, however the space to weight ratio is incredible and it seems to be more burly than other tarptents I've struggled to squeeze into. The awning pole provides a vestibule that is big enough to store your pack and shoes and still have room to cook under with no fear of burning down your tent. Tall hikers rejoice! This one is a keeper!

I received my Solong 6 a few days ago


I received my Solong 6 a few days ago. I have only set it it up in my yard so far, but am very pleased with it. I have used a SMD Lunar Solo for several years, it's held up well but I've never had a "perfect pitch" alway had one side or corner sagging even with trying many variations. It was always a little short also. The first time I set up the LHG Solong it went up perfectly! Im 6'3" and have tons of room with my gear inside. Top notch quality. I would recommend LHG to anyone in the market for tent!

Love this tent. I got the Solong 6


Love this tent. I got the Solong 6 to take on my 2016 Appalachian trail thru-hike. I have pulled this tent out on 12 shakedown hikes now and love it. The tent comes in at just over 2 lbs with the stakes that I already had. The Solong 6 sets up supper fast and is easy to setup in the rain with out getting the inside of the tent soaked. I chose to have it seam sealed and have yet to find any water getting into the tent from rain. Had it out in a few snow storms here in Ohio. The tent held up great. I did have a little condensation but not as bad as my last tent. I am very happy with the tent and would buy again. My only wish is that I was not too cheap to buy the awning pole.

My favorite piece of gear


My favorite piece of gear. Used it on my 2014 AT thru hike, and it was everything I needed and more. Never had an issue finding a place to set 6 stakes in the ground. Other hikers with the same tent raved about it as well. I'm 6'3" and had plenty of room inside for myself and all of my gear. Loved using the awning on cold/wet day so I could cook meals and never leave my sleeping bag. Plan on using it on my 2016 PCT thru hike attempt.

I wanted to brag a bit on your Solong 6 tent

mike foust03.10.2015

I wanted to brag a bit on your Solong 6 tent. I’ve had mine for three years now and have used it everywhere from the Grand Canyon to the Wonderland Trail to the Smokies and it has always performed. I just got back from doing the Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop and it
handled rain, wind and sleet with no problems (I kept it in the storm mode and used the tie downs for the first time ever). I’m always looking at other’s gear, but have yet to see anything that comes close to the space, light weight, and functionality. Great job.

test this tent in a 25MPH wind

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.15.09.2014

I was able to test this tent in a 25MPH wind without anything in it and it stayed completely intact the whole night. I used it on the AT through several sever thunderstorms and stayed dry with the tent intact each night. My boots even stayed dry under the vestibule! I would like to try tying out the side panels put didn't have the the line to do it at the time. I'm 6'5" and was able to pull my pack in with me each night no problem. Extremely spacious and stable. Love the two pole support system. Great design!

I could not be happier with this tent


I could not be happier with this tent! Used it this weekend on the Appalachian Trail and it was perfect! I had set it up once at home for practice, but it was a breeze to set up on the trail as well. Love the bathtub base, the large vestibule, and the roominess inside the tent. There was plenty room for the two of us and our packs (without food of course since we were in bear country) stowed at our feet. I really liked having our packs inside the tent with us! The venting system is easy and provided excellent air flow, but the tent was sturdy enough to protect us from some howling winds on top of Bluff Mountain. We were oh so comfortable inside! I did order the zipper pulls, the Tyvek, and the tent stakes. I'm happy with all of them. Great job, LightHeart Gear! LOVE my new Duo!

I bought a duo in 2011 and it's still going strong


I bought a duo in 2011 and it's still going strong. I used to use it for both backpacking and bicycle touring, but now only use it for backpacking. It's a weight to performance issue for me. I found that my 2011 tent is prone to condensation problems so when weight isn't such an issue (bicycle touring) I carry a Sierra Designs tent. When weight is critical (backpacking) I carry the duo and a rag to wipe down the inside before I start moving around inside the tent in the morning. I wonder whether the roof vents significantly alleviate this condensation problem because it can be pretty bad. I look forward to below freezing nights so all that condensation is frozen.

I purchased the lightheart duo in 2015


I purchased the lightheart duo in 2015 - on my first trip out we had a surprise storm. My son and I stayed dry as a bone. I am amazed at the amount of room in this tent. The twin vestibules are a huge bonus in a storm. The best part was NO CONDENSATION. I have had a problem with condensation in single wall tents but the vent system in this tent apparently works. Incredibly light-well made- this tent is the perfect balance of everything I wanted in a backpacking tent. I am now buying my second one as a gift to my son for a hiking trip he is taking out West. DEFINITELY let light heart gear do the seam sealing. They did an excellent job and it is worth every penny. 
Thanks, Allen

Just spent w week on the AT in Georgia


Just spent w week on the AT in Georgia. This tent performed outstanding! Plenty of room for my sister and myself plus out gear. We had spare room to roll over and stretch out as well. On the third night a big cold front moved in and temps dropped the a low 30's plus wind chill. We stayed warm and the tent held tight in the heavy winds. I would definitely purchase this product again! It was well worth the money. After I got home it was easy to clean dirt off as well. My sister and I were able to put up the tent easy in just a few minutes and take it down as well.Stores in a small bag so it doesn't take up much room at all in the backpack. Was half the size and weight of my brothers tent. Also met a few through hikers on the trail that checked it out and had lots of positive comments on it. A big thumbs up on this one!!

I am very impressed with my LightHeart Gear tent.


I am very impressed with my LightHeart Gear tent. I have the duo and I have used it twice at Mt. Rogers, VA. And I have used it once in the Otter Creek Wilderness in WV. Both times at Mt. Rogers the winds were very high reportedly 50 mph max. The first time I was there it rained very hard both nights and I stayed completely dry. This last trip was last week and the wind chill was around 4 degrees F and I stayed warm. I have highly recommended this tent to people and everyone has been very impressed with it. Great product made by backpackers for backpackers.

We bought the 2015 model Duo


We bought the 2015 model Duo. We love the size of this tent, its truly a 2 person tent. We can fit our 26" sleeping pads side by side and have a huge amount of room above our head to store our gear. The tent is really easy to set up. During our most recent use we were expecting 25 mile an hour wind gusts. Instead, we had 30 mile an hour winds and 41 mile an hour gusts! Due to the layout of the land, we had to set the up tent broadside to the wind. Not ideal, but a good test for the tent. We kept the small vestibule closed and the large one open. The tent shuddered a few times but it was rock solid in the wind. We actually enjoyed the wind storm knowing the tent was not going to fail us. We will be doing some section hikes on the AT this year. After putting the Duo through this test we will not hesitate to take it with us.

I Love my Duo.

Cary Dwiggins17.03.2014

I Love my Duo. Fully seam sealed, with stakes and extra silicone striping on the floor, mine weighs 2lbs 3 oz. It is plenty roomy for my husband and I to store all our gear inside with us. It has a real honest to goodness bathtub floor (which is a whole lot more than you can say for other ultralights). It doesn't have any poles to break (the curved pole in my other ultralight snapped while in the tent). I particularly enjoyed looking up at the stars through my own window/door on our last trip. It even packs up small enough to fit in the front of my Aarn pack. Plus, customer service is great and I received my tent lightening fast! Thanks, Cary
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If you are into Tarp camping this is a great buy


If you are into Tarp camping this is a great buy, I live on a limited budget and cannot afford expensive campgrounds so the woodland camo comes in handy when i do some stealth camping. I try to live by a leave no trace policy, but I find in my situation it is easiest just to lay low and hide out for a night here and there and this tarp is excellent for that, I use it for solo but there is room for 3 and their gear under there it seems. A+ product from a great company with excellent customer service.

LightHeart Rain Jacket


My measurements indicated a medium however it was a little too snug and the sleeves were a little short. I returned it and got a large. It fits great

Hoodie Pack Cover


I purchased the medium and it fit me and my zpack perfectly. What a great idea.

Hiking Skirt


If you haven't hiked in a skirt, you should start. So much more comfortable and convenient than shorts. Layering on and off underneath is a breeze. Pit stops are a breeze. And you look classy. Lightheart's skirt is beautifully made. The privacy snap protects your modesty on a rock climb and when lounging in camp. Pockets are roomy and lie flat (at least before you stuff them with your stuff.) No need for a separate waist pack with these pockets. This is a great skirt. Get one.

Five day trip with a Duo, and a Zpacks Triplex


I just wanted to send some quick feedback on the Duo while I
remembered.  We did a five day trip with a Duo, and a Zpacks Triplex
at the end of September, so it was interesting to compare the two side
by side.  Compared to the Triplex, the Duo was easier to setup, and
felt more durable, and just overall more well thought out.  I liked
that the Duo doesn't have a floating tub like the Triplex.  The
Triplex mesh was also thinner and less durable than the Duo... we even
noticed some "runs" develop in the Triplex mesh.  Also, while a little
bit heavier, the Duo was much more "stuffable" than the Triplex's DCF

The one thing that I wished was different on the Duo, was the fixed
length tie-outs on the four corners of the tub.  Being a fixed length
made it difficult at times to stake in good ground while keeping the
tub pulled tight and square.  The Triplex in comparison came with very
long tie-out cord that could be adjusted to the desired length, and
being long could reach more places to stake out.  I realize including
variable length tie-outs may be difficult, but perhaps with some
ingenuity you can figure something out!

Overall I think your tents are very well designed and provide excellent value.