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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 10:19

Diary from Coast2Coast Sweden - Volume V

This is the fifth entry from Judy's trail diary detailing her Coast2Coast Sweden hike. Don't forget to catch up by reading Volume I, Volume II,  Volume III and Volume IV first!

Day 8: 32 km (18.6 miles) plus the extra 6 km or so from yesterday

After a change of plans to shorten the day by about 6km, last night there really wasn’t a place to camp. We ended up at a private fishing club where they let us stay the night. The lady here even went with her car to pick up Fransisca and Henning and a guy here gave me a partial bottle of single malt scotch, so even with the change of plans all was well. It’s probably the best campsite yet. No condensation in the tent, flat mowed grass, picnic tables and no Jonas. He went on ahead with the comments “I have my backpack, I can sleep anywhere." 

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